개인참가신청 단체참가신청

Registration information

Participation fee
 General Division
  - Granfondo – 50,000 KRW
  - Mediofondo – 40,000 KRW

How to apply
There are 3 way to register Seorak Granfondo.

* Please pick up the start pack from the event venue HQ on September 19 (sat) 6:00 ~ 8:00.
* It is applicable only non-Korean.

1.Apply Bike Magazine's travel package. 

The package included guaranted participation, hotel, meals and transportation from airport to event venue.

(Go to http://www.bikexp.net/tour/seorak2020.php).

You can apply this travel package until 15. Mar.

2. Apply at local(in your cuntry) travel agency.  

The rider live in China and Taiwan can apply this travel package of local travel agency.  (Go to ‘Travel agency’ page

(*We welcome a travel agency interested in handle Seorak Granfondo package.)

3. Apply at Seorak Granfondo homepage.  (Go to http://seorak.raceplan.co.kr/en_entryperson)

* In this case, you have to reserve a hotel, meals and transportation from airport to event venue by yourself.

Participation fee of the seorak-granfondo is paid by credit card only.
You can apply this travel package until 20. Mar.

4. Apply at Seorak Granfondo homepage.  (Go to http://seorak.raceplan.co.kr/en_entryperson)

August 25, 2020 10:00 ~ General (individual, group) participation application and payment are processed at the same time and 

deadline on a first-come, first-served basis

※ Refunds are not possible in the case of the above application, so please apply only to those who will participate.

Belows are steps of registration at Seorak Granfondo homepage http://seorak.raceplan.co.kr/en_entryperson

Step 1. Agree to terms and conditions.

Go to "Registration/Check" > "Individual" menu.

Step 2. Enter application information.

Step 3. Check and progress payment.

Step 4. Payment.

Registration Check

You can check status of your registration on "Registration/Check" > "Registration Status" menu.
Press "Confirm" after enter your informations which you entered when you registered.

You can see your status.

"결제완료" means payment completed.

"결제대기" means not payed yet.