1. Participation Qualification

– Available only if you were born before 18. May. 2005

- Participants must inspect their own equipment.

– Former cyclists, present cyclists, and the elite players all can participate without restriction.

– The available bikes are limited to road cycles, mini bells, triathlon cycles and MTBs. 

=> Bikes that can be used are limited to road cycles, mini bellows, triathlon cycles, and MTB. Triathlon cycles are not recommended due to the steep and tight curved courses.
- An electric cycle and recumbent cycles are not allowed.

2. Choice of course

- The course can be selected during the registration period.

3. Time limit & Cut-off

– The running time limit is 12 hours for GRANFONDO – Net Time and 7 hours for MEDIOFONDO Net Time from the start.

– Grand Fondo Cut Off

1st: 12:00 at Jindong-ri branch point.(82km from departure)

* After 1st cut-off, you can go to Mediofondo, but no recording is provided as it has been disqualified.

2nd: 15:00 at 4th Fees zone. (143km from departure)

Recovery vehicle boarding after cut-off

* Secondary cutoff point may change

Medio fondo has no cut-off

4. Safty

– All riders, while riding, must put on helmet.
– Front & rear light, reflective vest and shoes are recommended for tunnel and night ride.
– Riders must observe Korea’s traffic rules strictly.

– Riders must observe safty guard during ride.

(Traffic on the right, ban on centerlines, obey traffic signals, etc.)

5. Record measurement

– It is Net Time measurement method by speed chip.
– The participants must install speed chip on the cycle (open quick release lever of the front wheel hub and install chip), and must pass the fixed measuring equipment.
– The places which should be measured are starting point-> midway measuring point –> finish point.
– The rider should pass the start measuring equipment until 09:00.
– If the midway measuring point is not surveyed properly, the rider cannot be approved of finishing the course.
– The mid-measuring point of Granfondo is 3nd feed zone (104km from start point)
– The mid-measuring point of Mediofondo is Girin-myeon branch (92km from start point)

6. Attachment of Bib number

– Rider’s bib number should be attached to the center of jersey’s back pocket. Vehicle identification number should be attached so as to be recognized from the front side of handle bar..
– Altering bib number is prohibited.

7. Support

– The organizer will provide a course map, GPS track file and location of checkpoint through on-line in advance.
– Riders are recommended to get well-acquainted with the course before the riding. The responsibility for finding the fixed course properly is only the rider’s.
– Distributing agency and mechanic service are provided, but portable foods and tools are recommended.
– It is the rider’s responsibility to fix the malfunction of cycle during riding, and mechanic service is a secondary.
– Restaurants and stores are available for riders at anytime.
- Transportation of rider or cycle by private support vehicle is prohibited

8. Liability for an accident

The participants are all responsible for injury and equipment damage accompanying the accidents occurred during the riding. In case of accident organizer will take first-aid.
– The participants have to check up and make a decision health condition, riding technique themselves, and devise a insurance.

※ Organizer insure accident occurred by orgnizer’s fault.

※ Any co-payments incurred as a result of the deductible shall be borne by the participant.

9. Disqualification

The riders who do not obey the rules as below will be disqualified.
– Disobedience of managerial regulations
– Use or get support from other transportation means
– Participate in the event on behalf of other back number

- If you don't complete the course you applied for (example If you apply for Granfondo and complete Mediofondo, you will be disqualified. The reverse is also disqualified.)
* Aside from operation committee member’s direct notice, the rider can also be disqualified by other participants’ report. (The back number, the photo of violation, and video, etc. to prove the breach of rules should be reported to the operations center until 16:00 on the event day.)

10. Alteration of event

The event would be changed or canceled when natural disaster, gale or torrential rain.

Changes or cancellations will be announced before 24 hours from departure time.

11. Special foods

-In the Granfondo course, you can store your food prepared by yourself at the starting point before departure and get it back at the 3rd Supply Station (104km from departure).

-Plastic bags for storage are provided with bib and the start pack.

-Special foods can be stored at the departure point between 6 am and 7 am on the event day. See Event Benu Directions for more information.

-Do not store food that may be corrupt.

-The meals that you are not collected within operating time of the 3rd feed-zone will be discarded.   

-Please do not leave valuables.

12. Prohibit the transfer of bib to others

-The office completely prohibits the transfer of the bib and will be restricted from leaving the company for three years if detected years.

Seorak Granfondo Office

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