Gran Fondo World Championship was postponed to 2021 becuase of COVID-19.

2020 SGF- Gran Fondo World Championship

The 2020 Seorak Granfondo will be held in conjunction with the Gran Fondo World Championship.  

The Gran Fondo World Championship will be held each year as one of the Gran Fondo World Tour.

1,500 euro each for championship 1st place of men and women(ranked by net-time) - given by GFWT
Start pack pick up on May 22 with ID card or passport.
Ride Grandfondo course(208km) only.

[Advantage for Championship rider]

-Awards 3,000 euros in total

-Separate start at front of Peloton

-Neutral mechanic-car support

-Officail Jersey

-Officail Towel

-Completion medal(when completed)

[Pick up start pack]

22 May(Fri) 14:00 ~ 18:00

[Briefing session]

22. May(Fri)

-15:00 - Korean
-16:30 - Englich

7 Jan(Tue) 10:00 ~ championship's entry (first-come first-served 150)