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Theme: Safety

As you know, ‘Seorak Granfondo 2015’ is not a competition. It is a good opportunity to test one’s will and physical strength through a long distance-riding, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Korean nature fully as well. Hence, the record will be measured but no award will be given. Please avoid excessive speed competition and take other riders into consideration. While riding, we may come upon a sudden accident.

Injury of other members make us realize the importance of ‘riding with joy and without accident’. With growing number of affinity group members, the rider, who overspeeds and recklessly attempts a long distance without safety awareness, is seen too often.

Accident that occurs by not keeping compulsory rules is a damage not only to the rider, but also to the other riders, and leaves the mental pain to the beloved family.

‘Seorak Granfondo 2015’ course is rough and long, so please don’t make haste and try to enjoy riding with other participants. Especially after the middle phase, the physical strength deteriorates, so keep eyes forward by raising your head. Since many participants are riding, please take extra-care when overtaking others on a downhill.

The starting point of ‘Safe Riding’ is giving consideration to others. We hold the event, but the riding culture is made by the effort of each rider. Please be considerate of other riders when joining the event.

We sincerely wish for your accident-free riding and a continuous participation in the event.

Thank you.

Seorak Granfondo Organization Committee

Date:May 24, 2015


Classification Male Female Total
Completion 682(72%) 49(63%) 731(Overall completion rate: 70%)
Overtime 14(1%) 14
DNS 123(13%) 15(19%) 138
DNF 134(14%) 14(18%) 148
Total 953 78 1031

Sangnam Sports Park – Wongdong Crossroad – Guryong pass – Seorim Crossroad – Jochim pass – Jinbang Crossroad – Hangye pass – Seorim Crossroad – Guryong pass – Wongdong Crossroad – Sangnam Sports Park(208km)



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