1. When can I check my participant's record?

Participant record confirmation will be sent in sms after completion and will take an average of 1 to 2 hours.

2. What are the costumes and what do you bring?

There is no restriction on the dress, and it is possible for the participant to dress in a comfortable manner.
All you have to bring is a chip for numbers and records.
You can simply attach the number plate to the QR and the record measurement chip to the QR.

3. To edit the participant's personal information

Modification of participant's personal information is available only to the administrator.

However, information changes for transfer are prohibited to others.
You can contact the secretariat at email(wizrun@naver.com) to make changes.

4. Can I cancel or refund my application?

If you cancel your participation due to personal reasons after applying for the participation, you can apply for a refund only within the period of the refund,
After the refund period, all production orders have been completed and no refunds are available.
Only one month prior to the start of the competition (foreigner only)
Refund amount : At the time of payment - full refund
No refund will be given after the refund period.

5. I have deposited the participation fee for two people under one name. What should I do?

If you have deposited more than one participant fee per person, please fill in the participant's name (name, resident registration number)
Please let us know at the Secretariat (wizrun@naver.com)and we will process it.

6. How to apply for a group of 2 or more applicants

1. Please download the group application Excel form in below.

2. Please send the completed Excel form to the e-mail address (wizrun@naver.com) after 10:00 am on the registration day.

3. Please bank transfer the participation fee of all.   When bank transfer, make sure the sender name as the top line listed on the Excel form.(leader of the group) 

If you fail to do so, your application will be canceled.

4. We will notify you about registration confirm and the notice by SMS.

5. In the future, we will notify you of the successful acceptance by notification and text message.


the group application Excel form download

Must read !!!


Pay by credit card  are not allowed in case of group application by e-mails.

If you want to pay by credit card in case of group application, please pay by credit card at the homepage after 10:00 am registration day.

You need to add all the group members one by one directly on the homepage [REGISTRATION/CHECK]-[GROUP] menu and proceed pay with credit card after installing the module.

※ Please be fully aware of the application process, and the applicant will be held responsible for any problems caused by unawareness.


Thank you.

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