Seorak Granfondo is a very long and difficult course corresponds to the "F" rating (the hardest).
The participants are all responsible for injury and equipment damage accompanying the accidents occurred during the riding. The participants have to check up and make a decision health condition, riding technique themselves, and devise a insurance. in case of accident, organizer will take first-aid.

※ The Organisers are joined to a insurance that compensates only if the Organiser is liable for damages caused by the negligence of the Organisers.

Name of Event

2024 GIANT Seorak Granfondo

Date of Event

18.May.2024(Sat) 7am start

Place of Event

Sangnam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do (Depart from Unjeong Minbak / Arrive at Inje Riding Center)

Address in front of Unjeong Minbak: 2469 Naerincheon-ro, Sangnam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do

Address of Inje Riding Center: 2541 Naerincheon-ro, Sangnam-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do


Granfondo - 208km : am 7 start
Mediofondo - 105km : am 8 start


General Division

  - Granfondo – Men, Women

  - Mediofondo – Men, Women

* Only adults (born before 2005.5.18 days) are eligible for participation in the competition.


"F" Class
*Granfondo is classified according to difficulty from "A" (most easy) to "F" (most difficult)

Participation fee

General sector

* Granfondo - 70,000 won

* Mediofondo - 60,000 won

With Souvenir jersey

* 80,000 won added


Seorak Granfondo Organizing Committee, Wizrun

Title Sponsor  

Inje-Gun, Inje Police Station, Sockcho Police Station, HongCheon Police Station



Gran Fondo is ...

a long-distance bike riding event that started in Italy in 1971.

The first Gran Ponton was <Nove coli> (, and at 17:00 on May 19, 1971 in Cesenatico, Italy, 17 pioneering riders had nine hills have done a long distance riding. Nove Coli is the Italian word for 'nine hills'.

The Italian Cycling Federation ( defines Granfondo as a cycling event with a length of 120 km or more, records by individual chips, and a prize for each category . Today, however, it being grow up various types of riding events, taking advantage of their unique characteristics in various locations around the world, including Europe.   The starts are done mass, and the format allows for riders of every level to participate, much like a marathon, where most participants are competing against the clock instead of other participants.    Nowadays only a handful of the largest Italian Gran Fondo have full road closures, but laws requiring riders to obey all traffic signals are more lax in Italy compared to the US.

Seorak Grandfondo is ...

originated from the riding which 10 riders depart from the east side of Baek Bok-ryeong in the Donghae city of Gangwon Province at 5:00 am on June 5th, 2010, and ride 265km over seven hills to reach Sokcho.   Consisting of beautiful mountain scenery from Seorak Mountain and O'de Mountain in Gangwon province, which is one of the best mountain areas in Korea, Seorak Granfondo is the most difficult grade of "F", 208km course over 5 big hills.    In particular, the last Gurong pass - reverse direction (east -> west) is a 20km long uphill and is rated UCI uphill category "HC".

Seorak Granfondo Office

Business Registration Number : 132-86-30033 / Address : 165, Yongambirugae-gil, Byeollae-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Person in charge of personal information protection : Lee Kwan Soo CEO. / email :
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